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Back Massage
Sports massage on leg

We define ''Well-being'' as being well, healthy, feeling happy, sleeping well and free of any physical discomfort.  It is subjective and is a perception of an individual.


To achieve the state of wellbeing, sometimes requires assistance from professionals who know how.  

Our well-being-ness is constantly challenged by our complex and demanding lifestyle, often not knowingly our body reacts to it with ‘fight- and flight’ mechanisms with raised adrenaline and cortisol levels. 

As a result, our body parts will experience increased muscle tension, developing involuntary contraction and develop tight knots muscle knots,  causing pain.


If not treated, it could cause further joint dysfunction and abnormalities. 

Therefore an on-off or regular course of well being treatment could be all you need, preventing these minor symptoms develop into a full blown ailments


Our Wellness services are for all ages and all health statuses


1.  Remedial and therapeutic massage, soothing the body and focusing on problematic areas

 2. Comfort massage to achieve relaxation, reducing  stress levels and promoting wellness

 3. Sports massage for sore muscles before or after sport/ heavy physical work-outs

 4. Pregnancy massage for tension/stress relieve, low back/ pelvic pain, prevention of stretch marks while the body is undergoing changes                                      

5.  Personal training /coaching with  exercises programmes/  Pilates, tailored to individual needs and conditions.

Woman Practising Pilates
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