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Shoulder Treatment

How do I re-define physiotherapy ?  


Having  in-depth knowledge and understanding of human anatomy, physiology, kinesiology/ biomechanics and  psychology along with up- to- date knowledge in pathology, dysfunctions and illnesses, I would redefine physiotherapy as a discipline that aims at restoration and repairing joint dysfunction whilst maintenance of mobility, body function and well-being. 

In doing so, physiotherapists are familiar with analysing the cause of the problems, applying evidence-based scientific treatment methods, such as exercise therapy, hands-on manual therapy techniques and electrotherapy. 

Communication and patient education in self-management and awareness would speed up recovery.


Most important of all, I always believe prevention is the best cure for all.

What do I treat:

Aches and pain with/ without diagnosis

Sports injuries: rotator cuffs injury, ski injuries, tennis elbows

Growing pain in children:  Osgood Shlatter, Severe disease

Pre-operative preparation and post-operative rehabilitation for : total knee, hip and shoulder replacement

Rheumatology/ osteoarthritis

Neurological disorders: stroke and Parkinson disease

Respiratory problems  : Post Covid 19, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease


Postural defects : scoliosis/kyphosis

Ante-natal/post-natal problems in females:  Pubic symphysis diastasic, urinary stress incontinence

Mobility problems in elderly: falls prevention, gait re-education and balance training

Child Physiotherapy
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