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As a physiotherapist dealing with the human body and its movements , I have always been intrigued by the famous Vitruvian man that Leonardo Da Vinci painted in 1470 .

He was inspired by Vitruvius, a Roman architect, who opined that the characteristics of a perfect building should be strength, stability, functionality and beauty. 

When ageing, we are losing strength and it will get more difficult to maintain our stable and upright position while resisting gravity. This will eventually result in body misalignment and these postural changes will in turn lead to degenerative changes, aches and pains, loss of mobility and functionality. 

Therefore, trying to keep fit is of utmost importance as is early detection of and intervention for musculoskeletal problems in order to maintain the perfect body that da Vinci depicted in his Vitruvian Man.​

The centuries old comparison of a building with a human body makes good sense and it is adopted as  the underlying philosophy of all my treatment approach.

 strength, stability, functionality and beauty.

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